Cold friends to the north promoting novels for Valentine’s

It was 14 degrees in Grand Falls up there in Canada, eh, when Kathy was on air Friday with Capt. Kirk Davidson at K93. We love our friends to the Cold North who tell their listeners about’s great Valentine’s service: Put your honey and yourself in a romance novel.

k93_morningsSo back to 14 degrees. Is it any wonder Kirk fell off his chair laughing when Kathy mentioned we were shivering here in North Carolina at 35 degrees? Hey, we have ice to prove it.

Kirk also taught Kathy a fun new phrase – wiggle pop. “Oooh,” she said, “sounds like something I need to put in a romance novel: ‘She turned to Fletcher and said, come here, wiggle pop.’ ”

Uh, not quite. It’s a euphemism for an alcoholic drink, which they need what with ice fishing in frigid temps. Who knew?

Thanks also to sister station CJ104 in Woodstock, New Brunswick, where Terry and Jenn also interviewed Kathy. That will be coming up on air Monday morning. You can listen online at

Thanks, ya’ll.

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