Coronavirus update 3-20-20

We are writing today to extend our concern and hope that all people stay well and safe and also to express hope that we all can manage what lies ahead as we face the implications and unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

We want to let you know that is an online business, which means we can and will continue to take orders. However, fulfillment of orders for printed books will be made on a limited basis as long as the printers can produce and ship physical books.

Here’s what we know as of 3-20-20:

1. Hardback books are on hold, with production suspended until early April.
2. Paperbacks are likely to follow suit in the near future.
3. Ebooks can still be fulfilled because our staff can work offsite since no physical product has to be produced — only a digital one.

We are committed to continuing to serve you as long as possible as we navigate through uncharted territory. In these rapidly changing times, we understand the need for timely, accurate updates.

We will update our blog when changes occur.

We  understand the shifting landscape will inevitably cause business disruption and unforeseen challenges. Thank you for your understanding.

Fletcher and Kathy

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