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You can star in Rome: Diamonds, Danger and Desire

Amberlee gives a review of Rome: Diamonds, Danger and Desire by Marcy Thomas. It’s been a popular seller for years. It involves espionage and secret agent stuff – or does it?

Here is part of what Amberlee wrote:

“To sum up my book, my husband takes me on a wonderful trip to Rome! Which is something I wish he would do in real life! Anyway, as it turns out he is really a secret agent who was sent to Rome to complete a mission. And luckily for me, he decided to take me along for the ride. Let me tell you, it was definitely a ride! No pun intended! Or maybe it was intended.

“I chose the wild version, so it was definitely an adventure. Some parts of the book were pretty typical of a romance novel. In other words, cheesy. Which was really cool because I got to have a couple laughs out of it. And since it was personalized I got to think of my husband and myself while reading. Which was a very cool experience.

“I absolutely loved my book! It’s definitely something I want to be able to show off. And now I can brag about having an adventure in Rome. Okay, so maybe I can’t brag about going to Rome since technically I didn’t go. But I can brag about how I have a book that is written about my husband and I. Which is really cool! This book is definitely something that I’m going to keep, and read many times!”

Amberlee, glad you had a fun time in Rome!

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