Special Pages added to your book are written with love by you

YourNovel.com produces personalized romance novels, which make a very special gift, but there is a way to make them even more special, by adding Special Pages added to your book that you write and have printed in the book.

Write what you want into the personalized book you order from YourNovel.com

Write what you want into the personalized book you order from YourNovel.com

For a very personal way to express your thoughts and feelings, you can add additional pages to any of our books or ebooks. On these Special Pages, you can write whatever you want, and we’ll lay it out so that it’s in the same format as the rest of the book.

Special Pages are perfect for a number of occasions:
• to write a longer dedication page;
• salute someone retiring;
• include a poem you’ve written;
• offer words of advice or sympathy;
• tell someone how very much you love them;
• commemorate a special occasion;
• express thanks to someone for being a part of your life;
• or maybe you’re looking for a very unique way to propose marriage.

You can purchase as many pages as you want to say as much as you want.

The cost for this service is $25.00 per page, and one page consists of about 300 words — that’s about 30 lines with 8-12 words per line. You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit onto one page. If you have a lot to say and need more than a couple of pages, we’d be happy to work something out with the pricing.

This is a special service that is not automated, so you and we will have to complete a couple of steps to make sure what you want to say appears in print the way you’d like it.

Here is the basic process for Special Pages:
1. Order a book or ebook online.
2. Order this service online. (either with your book order or separately)
3. Prepare the text you want inserted.
4. We’ll email or call you with instructions on how to submit your text.

This process will add a little more time to your book production — usually an extra day or two — but imagine the surprise your effort will create. There really is power in words.

Here are a few samples of Special Pages messages that people have written for their books. Names and specifics have been modified.

To my Dearest Rainey,

I wish that I had all the right words to describe what you mean to me. You’re funny, smart, beautiful, and the best lover I could ever have. You took a chance with me when you said, “I do.” Thanks so much for that.

You changed my life. You brought me joy. You gave me hope.

Then something happened between us, something that made you even more beautiful. On July 27, 2008 at 2:57 am, you gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter, Mary Kay. You became more than a wife, a lover and a friend that day; you became the mother of our child.

Every day I thank God for bringing you into my life. I often think of the wonderful series of coincidences and events that brought us together: a cup of coffee at 7-11, which I spilled on your shoe; a thunderstorm that kept us inside; a phone number that did not work (my sloppy handwriting); a Google search; discovering we both loved “Field of Dreams” and “Bull Durham”; a night of nothing but cuddling; a spontaneous road trip; the first time you said I love you, which made my heart want to burst; and most of all, your smile when I told you the same thing.

I wish I could be with you right now, but, Rainey, always know I think of you every moment I’m here at the base and when I’m on patrol. I hope this book helps you think of me.

Take care of our baby girl, and always remember that I will never stop loving you.

The man who can’t wait to hold you again,


That’s just one example of what you can say. Here’s another one:

Aaron and Michelle,

This book is affectionately dedicated to you with the help of the husband & wife writing team, Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher, who spend time traveling the world and writing romance novels.

In Shore Thing II, you both will star in the four featured novellas, which have been expressly personalized for you. While reading it, I hope it will bring to light that marriage is – as you are soon to find out – quite an adventure. And, like a good, planned trip, a lifelong union requires work – always being “present” and thoughtful to one another. Always looking out for each other. And remembering that the “Golden Rule” of life applies at all times.

From our hearts to yours, always know that the road to a wonderfully romantic, sexy and adventurous marriage is to listen – always pause – and hear what the other is saying. So, as you embark on this life journey together, it is with much love that we share our personal experience in what we believe has added extra spice to the mix of what we call life.

Let the festivities begin!

Enjoy! … and always, follow love.
It will get you through anything.

Your Aunt Ann and Uncle John

Another to give you an idea of what is possible:

Joe, we never discussed what could have been, for good reason: what we have now is all that matters.

Today, not with destiny nor chance but with a trip down a winding road, our life has been a path wrought with mistakes and, yes, a few regrets. But it’s finally found its true path, a home of sweet and blessed welcoming. Your arms and strength make me safe.

 I remember that summer evening at the hotel in Ischia: there were unexpected fireworks and a warm ocean breeze. There was a party downstairs by the pool, but had not been invited to. Yet as the pyrotechnics blasted and then the band came on to play, it was like it was all done for us, like they were serenading us alone. The whole affair proved that life takes surprising turns, and we knew that this evening, and then the night, that wonderful, romantic hours we spent, taught us the we were special.

Eventually, my head rested on your shoulders, and we communicated without talking, just communicating with sighs of love and gratitude.

That night was definitely the best party we were never invited to, and it changed out life and awakened our minds to all that might happen.

So, My Darling, now our anniversary is evidence of a love that is special: it is true love, and I know God has blessed me, blessed us, and we can deal with anything.

 All my love is yours, Jess

How about a poem?

Only Better
                for my Kathy

Vows, we took them to wed:
in sickness and in health,
for better or worse,
in debt and in wealth.

Words, we said them in truth:
“I’ll always love you.
I’ll stand by your side.
I’ll always be true.”

Aloud, we promised in public,
in front of friends,
before our families
professing a union without ends.

Rings, we exchanged with each other
showing all a commitment,
showing all we are one
bound by our Lord in a blessed event.

All witnessed our testament,
all joined in jubilation.
Since then we’ve lived our lives
as an example of celebration.

Vows are sacred,
as was my private promise to you:
“It will only get better.”
And it will till this world is through.

Bad times, good;
happy, sad; healthy, ill;
living examples of love
sanctified by Gods’ will.

Happy 18th anniversary!
Let our chapters continue.
A tribute to what can be,
the corners of earth our venue.

October 1, 2012

What Special Pages added to your book are all about is having something to say that’s all your own. If you have it in you, we can add it to your book.

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