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Mother\’s Day Surprises with Colby

Rach’s buddy Colby Donaldson has come up with some inspired (and inspiring) ideas for a Mother’s Day gift for any budget! “I know there’s a lot of pressure to pick the perfect gift on Mother’s Day,” says Colby. “I talk to my mom every day on the phone, but we live pretty far away from each other and I knew this year I really wanted to do something extra special and be together. And I don’t usually do this, but I went all out this year.”

“More than anything, Mother’s Day is all about creating a memory with your mom,” says Colby. “It may have been the best weekend of my life spending time with both my mom and my grandma. The hot air balloon ride was a real splurge, but I had been thinking about it for a few years.” At over $100 per person, a hot air balloon ride is a great gift to save up for, but Colby also has ideas for more immediate gifts that won’t put a strain on your pocket or your allowance. (Special thanks: Red Rock Balloons and Krazy Kyote ).

“Since I’m single and don’t have kids,” says Colby, “I went to my boys back home and asked them what they or their kids have given wives and mothers for Mother’s Day. My one buddy and his wife sent out a letter to friends and family members asking them to write a memory or send a picture about his grandmother. He also included a self-addressed stamped envelope. When he got all the responses back, his wife pasted them into a scrapbook and they presented it to the grandmother for Mother’s Day.”

Another friend of Colby’s has twin baby boys who can’t yet make their own presents for their mom. “So my friend bought a journal and wrote cards in it from the boys, with crayons and in child-like handwriting,” says Colby. “He also put in his wife’s favorite pictures of the boys so that they’re all in one place.” Leave some room in the book so that as your children grow, they can keep adding their own notes and messages in the journal as an ongoing Mother’s Day gift.

Even husbands need some inspiration for gifts to get their wives and Colby doesn’t leave them hanging!

“You can create your own steamy novel by going to this Web site and putting in your name and the name of your spouse, fill out a profile, select a destination and choose if you want the spicy or mild version of the novel and you’ll get a customized story,” says Colby. “Next you have to create the mood. After the kids are in bed, light some candles, draw her a bath and read her the story. This is a perfect gift for a late night Mother’s Day.”

“One of the best things for kids to make for their mom is a coupon book,” says Colby. “For dads, this is a great project to get your little ones involved in Mother’s Day. You can have your kids coloring coupons or making them on the computer.” Put a little spin on it and create coupons that go beyond the traditional chores and let you spend quality time with each other, like coupons for watching a movie together at home, making dinner, babysitting or spending an afternoon gardening or playing tennis with mom.

And you can never go wrong with having a child draw a picture (Rachael’s favorite!) for a Mother’s Day gift. Colby even shares one of the childhood drawing he made for his mom!

Colby believes that the perfect Mother’s Day is one in which you get the opportunity to spend time with your mom. “That’s a gift that doesn’t require money,” he says. “And I can’t stress enough that moms like being with you more than anything else.”

Aired May 11, 2007 and again August 27, 2007

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