Special offering: Customizable Love Notes, 52 ways to say I Love You

LoveNotesCoverLoveNotesBackWe’ve added a new offering in our line-up. Cardstock type love notes you can customize for your own special message. But our stock is limited so order NOW.

These 52 Love Notes come bound, flip-top, notebook style and are easily removable one by one.

The cover reads “You’re Just My Type, Love Noves – 52 Ways to Say “I Love You.”

Each card front inside has an encouraging saying or fun request, like “Baby, you still got it. (And I still want it.)” and “Minute by Minute, day by day, year by year … I love you more and more all the time.” On the back side of each removable 4 x 6 card are lined, blank spaces for you to customize with your own special message.

Once you’ve added your special message, slip your special love note in a briefcase, under the pillow, or mail it to him or her at work. Frame it or include in a greeting card. Tuck one by his breakfast bagel (maybe seal it with a kiss -SWAK). Guys, tape one to the mirror where she applies her morning makeup.

LoveNotes2With 52 choices, you can share one a week for the whole year, one a day for nearly two months or just when the mood strikes. And yes, there are even Love Notes to kiss and make up and say I’m sorry.

Note: Several pages feature Bible scripture such as “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement,” and “Love is patient, love is kind … love never fails.”

So affordable: The $10 cost includes Free Shipping in the U.S. Very affordable at only 19 cents per Love Note and they are attractively packaged. Again, we have a limited quantity.

DSC_7471DSC_7467DSC_7468DSC_7469DSC_7470DSC_7466Shown is a front and back of the same card:

Kiss me. Hug me. Repeat as necessary.




Shown is a front and back of the same card:

You and I can do almost anything — or nothing at all – and still have the most  awesome time!


Shown is a front and back of the same card:

I love the way you look – and the way you look at me!



Shown is a front and back of the same card:

Thanks for always knowing just what to say — even when it’s nothing at all!



Shown is a front and back of the same card:

Inside your hug is one of the best places in the whole world!



Shown is a front and back of the same card:

My sweet, my sweet, you’re my favorite treat!




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