John Boy and Billy, The Big Show: Hello? Hello, are you there?

bigshow_mA funny thing happened on my way to The Big Show interview with John Boy and Billy. They apparently hung up on me. I love these guys and know it was nothing personal. Appraently, things happen in the control booth that neither you nor I as mere mortal, non-radio personalities could ever hope to comprehend. I think it’s a button king of thing, myself, but then there I go, gettin’ above my raisin’.

Anyhoo, The Boys, as I lovinglly call them, figured out all that hi-falitin’, tech stuff and I was – voila – on the air. The resulting interview will have you cacklin’ – that’s code for laughin’ if ya’ll ain’t from ’round here.

OK, full disclosure, my non-accented voice (if you ask me) suddenly takes on this unexplained drawl when they answer the phone.

More importantly, listen in and have a Big Ole Laugh on The Big Show with the Stars, John Boy and Billy, and yours truly. Ta-Dah!

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