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So we had one of these giveaways at Christmas and I really enjoyed the book I gave to my son and his wife. They enjoyed it very much as well, so when I was asked if I would like to do another one, I said yes because I have 3 sons so this book for Valentine’s day will go to my oldest son and his girlfriend.

These books are from,  (You can enter to win at – the deadline is Feb. 20.)

The book I ordered is set in Tahiti, and it is called “Island of Love”. Its a paperback book and has 191 pages.

Win a free plain paperback personalized romance novel like "Island of Love" which is set in Tahiti.

Win a free  personalized romance novel like “Island of Love” which is set in Tahiti.

It is a personalized novel, a tale of exotic romance and spine-tingling adventure set in Tahiti and the South Seas. Black pearls, black-sand beaches and the black hearts of villains intent on pillaging paradise all play a role.

From a luxury cruise ship, the starring couple embark on the vacation of a lifetime where swimming with dolphins on Moorea, showering under a waterfall near Papeete, and snorkeling along a secluded beach in Huahine are moments to savor. During the journey, they find their destiny rests in myth as deep as the blue Polynesian waters. Tahiti, the Island of Love, is the perfect setting for a love story where the action is of volcanic proportion. These books are personalized romance novels (you star in the books with your Hunny) are one-of-a-kind gifts that offer a distinct option that is much different from traditional gifts like roses (which wilt and die), chocolates (which contributes to weight gain), lingerie (which looks great once but gets tossed aside) or jewelry (which can cost more than a normal budget allows). In short they are fun, campy, sexy and romantic, and offer a unique experience: reading about yourself doing some pretty wild and crazy things in exotic settings.

These books are in 50-plus settings (with the newest release set in New York City). The books, which come as paperback, hardbacks, and ebooks, and the fun part – each one has a “wild” or “mild” version so you can choose how “spicy” you want the romantic interludes. I ordered the “mild” version for my one son and again for my oldest son. Seeing I read these books first, I didn’t want to pry into their bedroom so to speak. lol

They created the genre of personalized novels in 1992, and Valentine’s has been their busiest season of the year. They have been called “Computerized Cupids,” and the books tagged the “Ultimate Vanity Valentine.” They think both are appropriate. I have to agree.

You can choose from any of these Valentine books: I know you will find one here that you are going to love. So enter for your chance to win and decide who you want to give this book to. Maybe your significant other, a son and his wife, a daughter and her husband, you make the choice. The winner will get an email from the sponsor with a instructions for ordering your book along with the $50 Gift Card code.

Now I am going to go back and finish reading this book so I can mail it off to my son. He knows there is a surprise coming but has no clue what it is.

So enter today and good luck to everyone. I know you will love your book. for details, visit

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