Debbie’s Power Blog features in Valentine’s gift guide

As we all know Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it is a holiday that everyone in the world celebrates.  It is a very special day for lovers, wives/husbands, boy friend/girlfriend or that secret crush.  I do know sometime people have a hard time to get the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.  So this is why I created this Gift Guide.  I have a creative imagination for ideas on gifts, ideas or just different ways to celebrate and have fun.  I might just share a few of them throughout this post.  I was hoping to have more gift ideas than I do, but we still have time.

Now I wanted to start with this pretty neat gift.  I really found this one petty awesome and I love it myself:

debbiebloggerNow if you are romantic and want to give your partner something different but want to love in it.  I really have to say that this is the perfect way to go.  There are so many different  book you can choose from.  I actually had a hard time to pick out my book.  Like I said you will be amazed at the selection they have.   I picked this title to my book because I always dream of going to a exotic island to find love.   Well with whatever book you purchase you are able to have your name and your better halves name in the book.  Your the main characters throughout the book.  Now come on you have to say that is pretty romantic. Read the full posting here:

Thanks, Debbie, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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