Shipping Valentine’s 2019

Valentine’s Day – 2/14/19 – all of our books are out for delivery. Order now for occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and anytime to say: I Love You or Just for Fun.

Prior post: As of Feb 11, at 2:00 EST, all orders that came in by Feb 7 have been shipped. Ebooks will be delivered within 24 hours. Go to ebooks on the site to see our choices.

See prior posts for more info.

Prior post, Feb 10, at 4:45 pm, EST, yes you can order printed books, but it is unlikely they will be delivered by Valentine’s Day.

You can go with ebooks – the same cover and content as their physical counterparts but less expensive and delivered within 24 hours with no shipping charges.

You can read our pdf ebooks online, on a PDA or smart phone, print them out on letter-size paper, and you can forward them to anyone you like. Go to ebooks on the site to see our choices.

Prior post, Feb 8, at 1:30 pm, EST, you can still order printed paperback books (we operate year round) but you will not be able to receive hardback books by Valentine’s Day. Paperback books with US Express Shipping are still on schedule. See below for suggestions that we posted earlier.

Prior post, Feb 7 at 8 pm, EST, you can get a printed book delivered by Valentine’s Day, but you’ll have to use US Express Shipping. US Priority may get them there, but time is running out. See below for suggestions that we posted earlier.

Proir post: As of Wednesday, Feb 6, after discussion with our printers, we will be able to ship printed books to be delivered by 2/14/19 in the contiguous USA if you choose STANDARD US Priority Shipping and place your order by Thursday, Feb 7 at 5 pm EST.

After that time, US EXPRESS Shipping will have to be used as your shipping option.

Orders going outside the United States are unlikely to be delivered by Valentine’s Day.

As always ebooks go out within 24 hours with no shipping costs.

We cannot guarantee delivery of USPS Priority nor US Express by an exact date. We wish we could.

Keep in mind that you can celebrate Valentine’s through the whole week, not just on the actual day. So if you don’t absolutely need a printed book by Valentine’s Day, that creates extra time for the book to arrive. We operate year-round, and these books are great for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and anytime to say, “I Love You.”

Bits of advice:

1. Get your order in now.
2. Choose US Express if you are the worrying type.
3. Do not use the date February 14, 2019 in your dedication date, but say something like Forever and Ever or I’ll Always Love You.
4. Have a backup plan, like at least get a card. Here’s one that you can download for free: Gift Coming Card

(Prior Post February 1, 2019 – 13 days to Valentine’s Day.)

Severe cold weather on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday hampered book production. Plants were closed and employees could not get into work. Adding to the issue is the USPS suspended delivery in several midwest states. These examples show the importance of getting in orders early for Valentine’s.

The prior post continues to apply.

(Post from January 28, 2019) We are getting phone calls and emails  from people about whether they can get books by Valentine’s Day, which is Thursday, Feb. 14.

The quick answer is  YES, but here is more explanation. Get your order in as soon as you can, and definitely by Wednesday, Feb. 6, if you can.  Those orders should have no problem getting to customers by using STANDARD USPS shipping ($8.50) and should arrive by the following Thursday (February 14 – Valentine’s Day) in the USA.

Even with EXPRESS shipping, each book has to be handmade first, which means you cannot order today and expect shipment nor delivery tomorrow.

Our long-standing policy remains in effect: no refunds will be issued due to weather issues. If planes can’t fly and trucks can’t roll, no mail will get delivered.

Weather and disasters are always beyond our power, and we hope all of us have none to be concerned with. However, we will not be held accountable for delivery problems caused by circumstances beyond our control.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are concerned about getting your book by Valentine’s Day, get your order in as soon as possible so you won’t have to worry about not getting your book on time.

Also keep in mind that ebooks are delivered within 24 hours to your email address.

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