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This year’s holiday season, normally celebrated with gatherings of family, friends and neighbors, will likely be very different because of the pandemic.

Like you, we are going to miss being with people in our lives with whom we have shared holidays and celebrations in the past. We are sad about that, and even sadder about the mounting numbers of people who have died around the globe.

People are struggling to keep their jobs or find new ones, keep roofs over their heads, gas in their tanks, food on the table, all while the bills keep coming.

Retailers and manufacturers, large and small, from colossal corporations to tiny mom-and-pop shops, face the shared strain of unpredictable sales and staying in business. One in four small companies has gone out of business.

We, too, are a small business facing struggles. If you would like to send a special gift of one of our products to a friend or family member or for you and your own special someone – delivered safely by mail and you don’t have to go anywhere to purchase it – we would appreciate your support. For 28 years we have focused on spreading love around the globe through our personalized romance novels in which any couple can play the starring roles.

We are proud of sharing that love, and thank you in advance for sharing this email and the discount code with anyone else who might appreciate it. Now is the time to take advantage of yes, a special discount.

Season's Greetings, Season's Love by Marcy Thomas

You can star in Season’s Greetings, Season’s Love by Marcy Thomas

Use Holly20% when ordering on the site to save 20% on purchases for the holidays or even for early Valentine’s shopping. Due to the huge increase this year in  online shopping, we encourage you to order early so as not to be disappointed.

The code Holly20% will expire on December 10, 2020, midnight EST and can be shared with friends, family, co-workers and on your social media.

Among our company’s 59+ offerings are two holiday themed titles: “Season’s Greetings, Season’s Love,” by Marcy Thomas, set in the fictional town of Harmony, plus “The Magic Snow Globes,” by Susie Taylor, where you and your sweetie are taken inside snow globes. Your photo can be added inside the globe on the cover.

Enjoy your holiday. Spread love and peace.

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