Africa luxury safari offerings/star in the book

Ellie and her baby

Reported by J.S. Fletcher and
Kathy M. Newbern

Southern Africa is a long way from North America, so there is a time commitment involved getting there, but the trip is worth it, taking you to a world away from everything here and to a place where wild creatures still roam the earth.

Since the early days, people have gone on safari to Africa to see and, in some cases to hunt, big game animals. The “Big Five” (rhino, elephant, leopard, lion and Cape buffalo) were deemed the most dangerous to hunt, and thus they were the most prized. We went to see and shoot (with camera) not only the animals, but also to meet the people and view the incredible land that in many ways is frozen in time.

Our safari was hardly roughing it, because we went through Abercrombie & Kent (A&K), a luxury travel company that organizes trips throughout the world, including their line of luxury tent safaris in Africa. With A&K, it’s adventure by day, and luxury by night, something we appreciate. We stayed at Sanctuary Retreats, whose tents are more like penthouse suites.

There are always new experiences being offered for trips throughout Southern Africa.

Many of you have likely seen animals at theme parks, the zoo, or the circus, but until you see them in the open range or hear their screams, grunts, and growls outside your tent at night will you get the real feel of their power and presence.

You can star in African Safari: Wild Life, Wild Love

If you want to go to Africa, many companies offer tours, so calling your travel agent is a smart thing to do. A&K does an excellent job organizing adventures there, and you can get info about their trips at or by calling 800-554-016.

If you can’t make it to Southern Africa to go on safari, you can take a great armchair adventure through’s African Safari: Wild Life, Wild Love, a personalized adventure-romance novel set in Zambia. That’s right, it’s personalized: you and your love are the main characters in the book. We wrote it based on our luxury tent safari there, and you will really get a feel of what it’s like to go on safari by being in the book.



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