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“Island of Love” is set in Tahiti.

(This giveaway has ended.)

Today we received an order from Jacob in NYC, and for the favorite color of clothing for the heroine in the book, he put aubergine. We are delighted to say that in the nearly 20 years since YourNovel.com came into existence (we did create the idea of personalized romance novels back in 1992), this is the first time we recall anyone using that color. He was also creative with his answers on the questionnaire, but we won’t list his. (You do know that instead of brown for the eye color, for instance, you can use something like bedroom brown or deep-soulful brown.)

So, to honor Jacob’s achievement, for the first 5 people who complete four easy steps, we will give a $10 off Gift Card Code to be used toward your next purchase of $20 or more from www.YourNovel.com.

The four steps are:

1. Follow us on Twitter: @YourNovelcom
2. Leave comment/reply on this post telling us what aubergine is and what your favorite color is for women’s clothing like evening wear, swim suit, or lingerie
3. Like us on Facebook
4. Be among the first 5 people to complete these four steps.

Once we see that you have followed us on Twitter, have left a comment/reply to this post on YourNovelBlog.com that says what aubergine is and states your favorite color, liked us on Facebook, and are among the first 5 people to do so, we will email you a $10 Gift Card Code to the email address provided through your reply on the blog.

By the way, if you are already following us on Twitter, and liked us on Facebook, just tell us so in your comment/reply.

This Giveaway will end as soon as we have given away five $10 Gift Cards.

We will post on our blog when the five Gift Cards have been claimed for this Giveaway.

We will email the 10 winners their $10 Gift Card within 24 hours from when they qualify.

• All steps must be completed to get a free Gift Card. • This Giveaway is open to anyone 18 years or older.
• No Purchase Necessary.
• Void where prohibited by law.
• The Gift Cards will expire one year from the date they are issued.
• Only one Gift Card per email address.
• Gift Cards have no cash value; only redemption value.

If you want $10 off your next purchase of $20 or more from www.YourNovel.com, get busy.

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