Rita Reviews

Thank you “Rita Reviews” for this great review of our books:

“I have been searching and searching for the perfect gift for my mom. She is so hard to buy for which means we all usually end of getting her a new robe, coffeepot or the other basic sort of gifts. The bigger problem is that her birthday is the week before Christmas. So on top of Christmas gifts I have to get her a birthday present.  I  have found the best gift ever in YourNovel!  YourNovel is a truly unique concept. It is a romance novel that makes you the main character….

“I received a novel to review that I had customized for my parents. My dad passed away a few years ago and my mom has always had a hard time with it. I received Awake, My Love which is set in their hometown and because of a car accident they have the chance the answer the question: “What would happen if you lost everyting?” Dreams are used to show them at different times and places such as a cowboy and Miss Kittty in the Wild West. You have the choice of either a “wild” or a “mild” novel depending on your tastes. I went with the wild and I will tell you now that I did not read the book because seeig my parents names in the romance scenes would have caused me to need therapy! I did read a page here and ther and the story seeems great. I entered different information such as where they worked, their best friends names, etc. Everything is used in the book. A picture of them is also on the cover. I also added in a dedication from all of us kids in the front.”

Rita Reviews is giving away a book to one of their lucky readers, but you must enter by December 10 here. Good luck.

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