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ONE WEEK ONLY: We’re having a spectacular One Week Deal – think of it like one of those “Daily Deal” coupon offers; only‘s “Deal” lasts for a week and is limited to the first 500 users.

Chances are you know how the “Daily Deals” coupons work. Our One Week Deal will be similar. From December 13 through December 19, you will be able to order any product(s) or service(s), even Gift Cards, on our site as many times as you like, using the 50% off promotional code BIGDEAL typing it in when asked for your promotional discount code.

You can share it with friends, family, co-workers (post it on your Facebook or Twitter pages as well), but our One Week Deal lasts for only one week (12/13 – 12/19) and will expire after 500 are sold.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kawanzaa gift for this holiday season – use BIGDEAL for that during checkout. If you’re looking for a future gift, like Valentine’s Day, consider ordering a book now or buying a Gift Card. Hey, 50% off is half-off no matter when you use it. has nearly 40 choices available for a personalized adventure. One is sure to be right for that reader you know.

GIFT CARD CODES: We have just added Gift Card Codes. They are perfect for those looking for last-minute gifts or if you can’t decide what book to buy or if you want to let the couple fill out the form and order themselves. Not only can you use Gift Card Codes as presents for others, but you can also purchase them now (at 50% off using the BIGDEAL promotional code) for your use at a later time – think Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or anytime to say, “I love you!”

Combine the One-Week-Deal with a Gift Card Code and you have a no-brainer. Congratulate yourself on being smart enough to use it – by December 19.

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