Another book review & giveaway

High Seas Romance by Jennifer Price

(This giveaway has ended)

A bit thank you to Marvelously Messy for the most recent review of

Go to their website now, and follow the instructions, and you might win your own personalized romance novel, but hurry, the deadline is December 22: Click here.

Blogger Missy writes: “I love reading a decadent romance novel. And, I have totally put myself in the place of the leading lady. Haven’t we all? That’s why I think this book is so perfect, because not only I am starring but my husband is too!

“I chose the Historical romance….because what woman wouldn’t want an adventure on the sea with her love in flouncy dresses in pirate costumes? You can choose a novel that is written is a style that’s a little *wilder* or a little *milder*. I voted for the wilder. 🙂 These books come in paperback, hardcover, or ebook…

“I am truly a fan of this novel. It’s provided us with a lot of laughs and, of course, romance.”


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