Look who’s starring in a book

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Talk about getting into the spirit of things. Radio personalities Paul Fuller & Al Matthews went a little overboard (pun intended) when creating their photo to add to the cover of their personalized romance novel “High Seas Romance.”

Yes, it’s a story of a brave and dashing captain in the British Royal Navy (that’s Al channeling Johnny Depp) who must go wherever duty takes him. His true love (Paul, who gives bodice-buster unique meaning) seeks a way to avoid being left behind, and in doing so faces many challenges.

What follows is a swashbuckling adventure featuring exotic ports-of-call perfect for romance and a glimpse into a time where seemingly simple choices meant the difference between life and death.

Will our couple succumb to perils natural or manmade? Or will their love shelter them from the storm? Or will they set a new trend for Casual Friday?

Hear the interview with “The Paul & Al Show” on WHJY 94.1 Providence, RI.

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