Countdown to V-Day: Love North Carolina? Star in three books set in the Tar Heel State

Be the star in Sandhills Fore-Play, a golf fantasy book

Hard to believe, but Valentine’s is only 26 days away. For a unique gift idea, you and your sweetie can get away to the North Carolina coast,  where you’ll even run into Blackbeard’s ghost; to the venerable Grove Park Inn in the beautiful North Carolina mountains; or on a golf getaway in the Sandhills.

That’s right, we have not one, but three books set in North Carolina. And why not; was born 20 years ago on our kitchen table in Manteo, NC, a leap of faith that’s taken us on this incredible journey of putting you in a novel, wild or mild. It’s been a fun ride.

Now, we’re not allowed to have favorites, but … we wrote Love’s Bounty: An Outer Banks Romance while living there and falling in love. Of course we got married there and 10 years later, renewed our vows there. So, OK, maybe a little bit of personal prejudice is allowed. There’s also a great character in that book based on my grandfather.

Here’s a little sneak peek, where they are checking in their less-than-luxurious rental cottage – don’t worry, the digs improve (our details are in red; imagine your custom details there instead):

Kathy reached into his pocket and said, “My, what a small key.”
“Ha, ha, very funny,” Fletcher shot back.
“Oh, here’s the key,” she laughed, “sorry.” She flashed him a smile, pulled out the key and inserted it into the lock. With hardly any turn at all, the door slid inward, unleashing a musty odor. “Whew! What’s been living in here?”
“I don’t know, but their cologne must have been Old Musk – MuskRat.” Fletcher stepped up behind her, rested his chin on her bare shoulder and asked, “Still think we’re lucky?”
“Well, I don’t know what the folks back at would think of it, but hey, they’re not here and we are, so who cares! The Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’m glad to be here, with you.” She spun around and hugged him. “As long as we’re together,” she said into his sexy hazel eyes. She kissed his neck and inhaled the scent of Eternity that was now mixing with the perspiration brought on by the trapped heat in the cottage. “Umm, now there’s a smell we can spread around the house. Come on, Honey Bunny, this is our vacation.”
“You’re right,” he said letting his arms encircle her waist and trail down the curve of her back. “We’ll have a great time. You open up some windows or see if the A/C works while I get the rest of our stuff out of the car. Want to call Raleigh to check on things?”
“Not right now.”
“Right, right.” There was a tinge of concern in his voice. “Well, I’ll get the stuff.”
Honey Bunny?” she called to his back as he reached the door.
“Huh?” he turned to her.
Her bedroom brown eyes shone at him. “I love you.” She smiled.
A grin filled his face. “Me, too.” He headed out the door, saying, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

For the Ages is set at Asheville’s Grove Park Inn

Our third NC book is set in Asheville, NC, which we love to visit, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, but most of the action is centered on The Grove Park Inn and its rich history, including the resident Pink Lady ghost.

Among the many historical figures who stayed at the inn is F. Scott Fitzgerald. He just may make an appearance.

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