Countdown to Vday (16 days, ya’ll): So many choices

Yes, Valentine’s is creeping up. Love it.

We now have a whopping 29 novels and 16 ebooks for your reading and gift giving pleasure for you own Sweet Britches.

Do you want to cruise to Alaska? We’ve got that. How about Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Uh-huh. Or, maybe the Florida Keys are your cup of tea. You can go there in a novel. Or maybe you love the exotic. How about Tahiti?

You can star in Jamaica Rendezvous

Want some hot weather for your heavy breathing (or mild, smoochy-huggy)? Try Jamaica with not one but two titles: one set in Negril; the other in Ocho Rios, and both at Couples Resorts.

Yes, they all come wild or mild.

Yes, there’s plenty of time for Valentine’s, but order now so you are not disappointed. OK? And, just for fun, add your photo to the cover.

Happy reading, Lovers everywhere!

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