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We are delighted to announce the second book from Geno Vincenzo, a continuation of his Gal and Guy Private Eye Agency series that began with “Missed Tryst.” You become the sleuths in his new “A Reunion To Die For,” just released:

(January 14, 2010 – RALEIGH, NC) –  Love those old detective stories and film noir with the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre? Well now you can star in a personalized detective novel, the second in a series from writer Geno Vincenzo and

The newly released “A Reunion To Die For” is Vincenzo’s second novel for, where again, the starring couple are operators of the Gal and Guy Private Eye Agency. This time, the crime-solving twosome unwittingly find themselves in the middle of a class reunion in a cold clime where not all the participants are intent on rehashing the old days. The chance to cash in on someone else’s hard work is too much to resist for some people, and that’s when our hero and heroine find themselves involved in the revelry in ways they never expected. has been putting couples everywhere in their own personalized romance/adventure novels since 1992, now with 33 different books and eBooks to star in via an online questionnaire of 26 details, including the couple’s names, hometown, places of work, eye and hair color, best friends’ names, favorite perfume and cologne, favorite music, how long they’ve been together, and more. “A Reunion To Die For” can be ordered “wild” or “mild” in terms of the romantic interludes, as can all titles.

This is the second time Geno Vincenzo has tackled the detective genre, with flair and fun, for His first book, “Missed Tryst,” was issued in 2007. At that time, he explained: “I have always loved a good detective story, especially those that dominated the genre in the ’40s and ’50s. ‘The Maltese Falcon’ was a favorite. Writing ‘Missed Tryst’ was like taking a time machine back to the ’40s and toasting the great comic and drama actors of the time, in black and white, of course.”

Vincenzo met founders J.S. Fletcher and wife Kathy M. Newbern when they lived and worked on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That’s where  originated in 1992 and where Vincenzo still lives, in Manteo. Since then, Fletcher and Newbern, also authors for, moved their company to Raleigh. Said Newbern, “We always stayed in touch, and were so happy when Geno produced ‘Missed Tryst,’ a great addition to our line-up and a good seller. So of course we’re really delighted that he’s delivered a second tale in the series because, as an author, he has such fun with his characters and story line that it makes a great romp for our readers.”

Vincenzo, originally from East Rochester, NY, retired in 2000 after eight years as an associate superintendent for Dare County Schools and more than 40 years as an educator. He still works as a consultant. He and his wife have two daughters and two grandchildren (who, incidentally, have cameo appearances in “A Reunion To Die For”). His other passions include reading, writing, playing golf and Italian cooking. ” My favorite title,” he adds, “is Grandpa, and my grandchildren, Patterson and Atticus are, along with my bride, Pat, my evening star and morning sun. I’ve spent a lifetime as an educator, from public school to university, but if you scratch me, just below the surface you will find the word ‘teacher.’ ”

“A Reunion To Die For” can be ordered in paperback, starting at $49.95, or hardback, starting at $94.95 (check online for sale prices). There’s also the option of uploading the starring couple’s photo to add to the book cover – “prefeably in trench coat,” Vincenzo joked. The fastest way to order this and all titles is on the web at Those without Internet access can call (800) 444-3356 to have information faxed or mailed. Paperbacks take a week in the U.S.; hardbacks take two weeks, and add $7 shipping/handling in the U.S. or $15 out of country for global priority mail. EBooks ($20) are delivered electronically and include a vampire story, a golf fantasy, and beach, Dublin and Paris settings, as well.

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