Waaay back in the Day – YourNovel.com was featured on The Today Show. It was 2009.

You can only imagine how thrilled we were as a still-growing company to get the call from NBC-TV’s “The Today Show” that their on-air correspondent Bob Dotson wanted to feature us on his segment “An American Story.” We could not say “yes!” loud enough nor fast enough. Quite simply, we were thrilled.

So it is fitting that today we share this clip from exactly 14 years ago. And we must say, the couple also featured on air, our customers Mike and Debbie, were excellent and are now friends and super fans.

Just another chapter in these most wonderful 31 years!

YourNovel.com’s J.S. Fletcher and Kathy M. Newbern were thrilled to be on The Today Show February 2009
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