Make Dad a Golf Legend or the next Sam Spade this Father’s Day

For dads who golf, this Father’s Day’s most unique gift idea may be making him the star of his own golf fantasy novel set in the beautiful Sandhills of North Carolina, Dad can take on the starring role, along with his real-life sweetie, in his own personalized novel, Sandhills Fore-Play. Or perhaps the dad in your life would prefer to star in a detective novel. There are two available: A Reunion to Die For and Missed Tryst.

In Sandhills Fore-Play, the fictitious Tar Heel Golf Resort is hosting an amateur invitational tournament to promote the opening of its newest course. The starring couple earn an invitation and immediately become winners when they check into their luxury suite at the world-class resort. She delights in free run of the property and spa pampering, while he takes his play to a new level through personalized golf instruction and challenging competition, especially when a cantankerous old spirit shows up to offer practical advice on the game they both love. Gala events and tournament action team with moments of passion, frustration and glory to drive this golf fantasy. On the tournament’s final hole, our hero’s partner in love and life ultimately convinces him he’s a winner both on and off the course.

In the detective novels, dad and his honey run the Gal and Guy Private Eye Agency. To star in these novels, dad is a gumshoe hero like Sam Spade from Dashiell Hammett’s Maltese Falcon, Phillip Marlowe in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, and Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer. Think Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and David Addison (Bruce Willis) of TV’s Moonlighting. There are bumps, blood, bruises; male and female villains; cops and thugs; some rough language; and action, intrigue and romance.

In A Reunion to Die For, the crime-solving duo unwittingly find themselves in the middle of a class reunion where not all the participants are intent on rehashing the old days. In Missed Tryst, their plan for a romantic, metropolitan rendezvous unravels when a series of mix-ups and botched meetings sends them down the road to danger, entangled in espionage, cut-throat deceit, and a secret that could threaten life on earth as we know it.

When ordering any of YourNovel’s 40-plus personalized books and eBooks, customers have the choice of either spicy “wild” or huggy-kissy “mild” versions in terms of the romantic interludes. Each book comes in paperback or hardback with the option of adding a digital photo of the starring couple to the book’s cover.

To customize a book, customers simply fill out an online questionnaire of 26 details such as names, hometown, where the two work, eye and hair color, best friends, favorite perfume and cologne, favorite music, affectionate nicknames for one another, how long they’ve been a couple, and more. There’s even a dedication page that can read “To The World’s Best Dad,” or get as creative as you’d like. Order by June 10th for Father’s Day delivery.

Paperbacks range from 150-190 pages and start at $39.95; hardbacks, 200-230 pages, start at $84.95; eBooks, 32-124 pages, start at $14.95. Photos can be added to the cover for an additional $25. Priority S/H is $7 in the U.S. or $16 on global orders. The fastest way to order is on the web at Those without Internet access can call (800) 444-3356 in the U.S. to have information faxed or mailed.

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