Special, limited-time promotion – 50% off

Here’s a special promotional offer we have going right now – till it’s gone:

50% off for the first 25 people to use this Promotional Code: YNNews2550%

To use it, go to www.YourNovel.com and at checkout, when asked for your Promotional Code, type in YNNews2550% and you’ll get 50% off any products you purchase, which can be thought of as a two for one or four for two, etc., and you can mix what you want, like any hardbacks, paperbacks or ebooks in the same order, photo added or not.

The code is set up for 25 uses, and the first 25 users will get the discount. If you order and it says the code has expired, that means the code has been used 25 times and is no longer valid.

Don’t wait; order now. Seriously, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

The code YNNews2550% may be used as many times as you’d like and can be shared with friends, family and anyone you know who‚d love to be the star in their own romance book. (Hint: anyone who reads romance novels.) Put it on Twitter or your Facebook page if you’d like.

Printed books normally arrive in about a week from when you order; eBooks within hours.

Keep the love alive.

Kathy and Fletcher

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