All treats and no tricks for adults this Halloween

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You and your ghoulfriend can start in a personalized Halloween tale from

October is the month of the harvest moon and Halloween, that great holiday for adults. Let’s face it: there are plenty of adults out there who take Halloween a lot more seriously than kids looking for candy. The thrill of dressing as a witch or wench or a zombie or a pirate lives in many of us.

If you’re looking for a special treat for your ghoulfriend, has personalized printed books as well as personalized ebooks centered on the holiday.

Available in paperback, hardback, or ebook formats are Vampire Saga – where humans enter the vampire world, and Red Moon Waltz – a grand ball attended by pixies, werewolves, shapechangers, vampires and a couple of humans – you and your date.

As to ebooks, several apply, so just CLICK HERE to see them on our site. Specific to the holiday are:

  • Halloween Delights by Eren Deniz – a trick or treat fantasy set in Washington, D.C;
  • Infectious Love by Emily Dommershausen – an offbeat tale with a zombie encounter;
  • On a Rainy Night by Yonnie Groza – a mountain getaway that turns mysterious.

Each comes as its own eBook, for sale at $14.95. You can buy all three as a collection we’re calling Halloween Special 2013 for $24.95.

Other ebooks appropriate for Halloween gifts are:

  • Vampire Rhapsody by Gail Gibbs from Oro Valley, AZ, is the first ebook in her series and book called Vampire Saga. Vampire Rhapsody takes place in a small Colorado town where the hero and heroine (the personalized stars of the book) encounter a pair of vampires who entice them into a game that tests both couple’s love.
  • Two more ebooks follow in Gale Gibbs’ series: Fresh Blood and Blood Starved.

We’ve got two discounts for you this month:

  • Halloween Treat 1 – For those looking for an eBook – here’s your October treat: a $7 discount code – YNHal7$ – to use toward your purchase on the site valued at $14.95 or more (which means you can get any of the new eBooks for $7.95 or the Halloween Special 2012 for $17.95).
  • Halloween Treat 2 -
For those looking for paperbacks, hardbacks or more than one eBook – this one’s for you: a 25% off discount code – YNHal25% – to use toward your total purchase on the site.

During the online ordering process, when asked for your Promotional Code, simply type in YNHal7$ ($7 off) or YNHal25% (25% off) will be deducted from the price of any product(s) you order. The Codes may be used as often as you’d like and can be shared with friends, family and co-workers – put them on your social media pages if you’d like.

You can use these codes until November 1, 2013, at 11:59 PM, EST.

Continuing with our product recommendations, if you are looking for a Halloween costume or dress up gear for whatever reasons, here are two companies for your consideration:

  • If you’ve got a party to attend and want a killer costume, Halloween and Costumes can set you up.
  • Time for dress up, or perfect for that Halloween or costume party, Moon Costumes has thousands of choices to cover your every fantasy.

For more products that might interest you, go to our website and click on the “other links” button at the top right of the page. You’ll find info about us as well as some gift ideas for you to peruse.

We hope your Halloween is full of treats, no tricks.

Keep the love alive,

Kathy and Fletcher

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