Madhavi Krevat pens ‘A Ren Faire to Remember’

Madhavi Krevat

Madhavi Krevat

First-time novelist Madhavi Krevat shows off “A Ren Faire to Remember,” perfect for all Renaissance fair fans come Valentine’s. Or, maybe you’re just fond of the Knights of the Roundtable genre. If so, get ready to dig into this page-turner, now available in paperback or hardback on our website.

Here’s the back cover teaser: “While in London to attend the world’s largest Renaissance Faire, our couple mingles with revelers wearing the garb of knights, maidens, royalty, jesters and more. In the midst of jousting, swordplay and archery events, food booths, and musical performances, they meet a mysterious stranger desperate for help, who transports them to a medieval, mythical land where brave knights serve a legendary king.

Madhavi & hubby on her book's cover

Madhavi & hubby on her book’s cover

“To save the stranger and return home, they must complete a quest, traveling to an ancient stone edifice that provides a battleground to resolve their predicament.

“Magic, intelligence, pride, courage, evil, virtue, jealousy, daring and especially love all mix to truly make this A Ren Faire to Remember.”

And, don’t forget, just like all the titles in our line-up, you can add your photo to the cover of “A Ren Faire to Remember” just like writer Madi did, shown here!



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