Cleveland writer notes a great gift for guys

Check out what The Plain Dealer’s Michael Heaton wrote about in his Cleveland, OH, column – “The Minister of Culture’s gift tips for guys: Holiday Gift Guide 2014.”

Personalized sex novel

Would you like to see the man in your life do more reading about romantic relationships? This holiday season, offers the ultimate: put him in his own sex-drenched romance novel with you.

your novel .jpegWant to star in your own romance novel?’s 50 titles come with 26 details about the starring couple including names, hometown, where they work, eye and hair color, best friends

favorite music, affectionate nicknames for one another, and how long they’ve been a couple. The tomes come in paperback ($49.95) or hardback ($94.95) — photos are extra.

The novels come in two styles of sexual content: “naughty” and “nice.” Guess which one your guy would prefer?

Read Michael’s entire list here:

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