Put that bride and groom in their own novel

Do newlyweds really want a toaster or monogrammed towels as a wedding gift? Are “oldyweds” really going to appreciate silver candle sticks or an engraved serving tray? 

YourNovel.com Personalized Romance Novels are the perfect wedding or annniversary gift.

Weddings, anniversaries and bridal showers all come with the challenge of giving a memorable gift. Making the loving couple the stars of their very own personalized romance novel by YourNovel.com will separate your gift from the pack. 

Let the half-hearted give gifts with no passion. Be remembered every time the couple reads your special gift to them.

Use the promotional code WedAnn15% during online checkout at and 15% will be taken off your order. The code is valid until midnight EST July 1, 2021.  Feel free to share the code with friends, family and on social media. 

Top 10 reasons to give YourNovel.com’s books this wedding season:

1. Wedding gift – for many brides, when she reads the first page of the book, it’s the first time she sees her “new-name” in print.
2. Anniversary gift – with June being the traditional “wedding month,” imagine how many anniversaries there are (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, in-laws, friends, and don’t forget yourself); perfect for couples who’ve been together for decades.
3. Paper is the traditional first-year anniversary gift.
4. Bridal shower – toast the bride-to-be with laughter when you read aloud the “wild” parts in her romantic adventure.
5. Bachelorette party – OK, so maybe a male stripper is better for some, but for others, titillating but tasteful is the way to go.
6. Bridesmaids’ gifts – always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Set her up with a little action-packed romance of her own.
7. Honeymoon gift – it’s unlikely you can afford to send them on a $4,000 cruise, but you can put them in one of our cruise books for around $40 – armchair travel. 
8. Honeymoon reading – of course, they’ll have plenty of under-the-covers action on their honeymoon, but they have to come up for air sometime.
9. Know thy bride – if she’s a reader, envision her surprise when she reads about herself in a book starring her and her new hubby.
10. Kindle the newlyweds – our ebooks are sent electronically anywhere in the world – pull an ultimate surprise by emailing the ebook to her email address while they are at their honeymoon destination – to be open and read in celebration of their life together.

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