We’re so happy we acted on a great idea! It’s been an amazing 30-plus years

Just one of the folks we met along the way – Mario Lopez with Kathy!

“It changed our lives forever.” That’s how Fletcher reflects back to 1992, when he and and I started this grand experiment called YourNovel.com. (As some of you know, we write under our pen name Fletcher Newbern, his and my last names combined.) That spark of an idea soon became a full-fledged business, and we’re so happy our concept has remained a year-round hit, especially as one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gifts.

Thirty-one years and we’re still at it.

We’ve been featured in more than a thousand radio, TV, magazine and newspaper interviews including “The Today Show,” USA TODAY, ABC-TV’s “The View,” People magazine, Elle, Bridal Guide, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur and more.

What sparked the idea? While working in public relations serving on a conference panel, I (Kathy Newbern) fielded the icebreaker question: “What would folks be surprised to find out about you?” I responded that I’d written a yet-to-be-published romance novel. Good-natured chuckling ensued.

Over lunch, a friend commented, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could star in one of those novels?” The seed had been planted: On the long drive home, my then-boyfriend (now hubby) Fletcher commented, “You know we could do that.” I agreed and grabbed a manila envelope from the glove box and started outlining a story that anyone could star in.

After figuring out how to customize each book using personal information provided by each customer — names, workplaces, eye color, hair color, best friends, nicknames and many other individual details, we got to work.

It’s been quite the journey. When we tell people what we do, that we’re travel writers and romance novelists, they’re in awe. The big difference is we acted on our great idea, and we are able to work for ourselves, which is a dream come true. We also knew if we didn’t take the plunge to see if we could create a whole new publishing genre that we’d always regret it.

Over the years, our books have been called the ‘Ultimate Vanity Valentine,’ and we’ve been labeled ‘Computerized Cupids.’ We love that job title.

And it all started by acting on a good idea.

Read the whole news release here: https://www.einpresswire.com/article-print/612228600/personalized-romance-novel-creators-encourage-dreamers-to-act-on-their-good-ideas

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