Meet one of the authors of “Celebrating Romance 2”: Jayne Grey

Jayne Grey was born and raised in Lancaster, PA, but currently lives in Springfield, MO. She is “happily married to Keith, father of our two terrific daughters, a golden retriever, and a toy poodle that thinks he’s a golden retriever.” She graduated from Millersville University in Millersville, PA with a B.S. in Chemistry.

She entered the writing contest because “the idea of writing a short story intrigued me, and then there was the extra challenge of having to incorporate 23 specific details to personalize it. I write romances about people resisting falling in love—it was completely different writing about a couple already in that happy place. What sort of danger, or dilemma, could I put them in?” She has never been published before, but she has written several series romances and is working on another one. She works with a publisher “who has given me great advice for the past two years.” She has a website at

We’re delighed her story, “Island Forecast:Danger,” is included in our new book — just in time for Valentine’s gift-giving — Celebrating Romance 2, featuring all 10 winning stories from our romance writing contest to herald our 20th anniversary at

Jayne says of her story: It’s an “adventure filled with white-knuckled terror, romance and devotion. What if the loving couple was thrust into danger and had only each other to make it out alive?”

She found the writing challenging because she had to adhere to the 2500- to 4000-word limit. “I wanted to keep writing,” she says. She has wanted to write “ever since I learned to read, but studying to become a chemist seemed much more practical (and was!)”

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