Star in your own Christmas story

You and your Hunny Bunny can be the stars in your very own personalized Christmas story. has released The Magic Snow Globes by Susie Taylor just in time for holiday giving, whether for you and your honey or the very special couple on your gift list.

The Magic Snow Globes by Susie Taylor

The Magic Snow Globes by Susie Taylor

As with all 40+ books and ebooks available from, The Magic Snow Globes is personalized throughout with more than 20 details about the starring couple, as hero and heroine, such as their names, hometown, places of work, eye and hair color, best friends, favorite music, favorite perfume and cologne, and how long they’ve been a couple.

The hero in The Magic Snow Globes finds a special, timeless gift unexpectedly. He hopes his lover will agree that it is precious, even if doing so requires suspending disbelief and just going with the moment. She does, and the result is a wondrous, amazing journey through layers of reality and fantasy that teach them both about life and each other. Along the way, they delve into the unknown and experience new, overwhelming heights of passion and enlightenment.

That’s where it gets really personal: like all the books, you have your choice of “naughty” or “nice” in terms of those romantic interludes.

Company co-founder J.S. Fletcher explains, “We offer a mild version for the more timid, or those who may be in a newer relationship, or those who like to leave more to the imagination. I will say, though, about 95% of our customers go for the wild. Still, everything’s written euphemistically. We like to say it’s titillating yet tasteful.”

This newest book comes from the creative mind of writer Susie Taylor of Beckley, WV. “She’s a true inspiration,” Fletcher says, “actually quitting her job to turn her dream of getting published into reality.”

Taylor walked away from a 15-year career in the finance and mortgage business. She says, “I decided to resign from my well-paying bank job with benefits during a historical recession to work part-time and pursue a writing career.” She now works behind the scenes for Elder-Beerman, a department-store chain.

“Everyone I know has supported me in this venture,” the writer adds. “My husband, Randy, the love of my life; my parents; all of my family and friends; and my employer who is so willing to adjust my work schedule to accommodate my writing needs.”

She got the idea for The Magic Snow Globes while visiting a friend at work. Taylor noticed a snow globe on her friend’s desk. “The inside joke is it’s her ‘crystal ball.’ It occurred to me that I may be able to target everything that was looking for in a holiday story because snow globes are limitless and could be adapted to suit the personalization required. I could see the entire story in my mind from beginning to end, before I ever started writing it.”

Taylor first came to’s attention through its romance-writing contest in celebration of 20 years in business. While her submission was not selected a final winner in that anthology, Celebrating Romance 2, her writing did make an impression. The publishers, Fletcher and wife, Kathy Newbern, encouraged her to submit this manuscript.

Taylor is seeking publication of her first full-length novel, called Crossing Over, a paranormal romance.  She also has an independently published romance novel Wildflowers of Fayette County released in 2011. “There are three other novels still in the works but far from completion. I work on them as I have time.”

Taylor could draw inspiration from another novelist, Marcy Thomas, who also came to the custom publishers through their writing contest, that one to commemorate 10 years in business. Her first story appeared in Celebrating Romance. Since then, she’s gone on to write four full-length novels and two short stories for

This time of year, her book Seasons Greetings, Seasons Love is a great seller at as it, too, has a holiday theme.

Season's Greetings, Season's Love by Marcy Thomas

Season's Greetings, Season's Love by Marcy Thomas

In Seasons Greetings, Seasons Love, Thomas takes the starring couple on a romantic getaway to the community of Harmony, where the holiday season is a time of enchantment and celebration. When the two arrive in the picturesque mountain hamlet, they find a Currier-and-Ives painting come to life. From charming streets filled with quaint shops and friendly people to a romantic bed-and-breakfast to the jingle-jangle of sleigh bells against a snow-covered landscape, this winter wonderland is the setting for an ideal holiday vacation. But when an unexpected turn of events tests the fabric of this Utopian village, will life and the couple’s love ever be the same?

Both novels are available in paperback, hardback or ebook. Taylor’s book starts at $24.95, and Thomas’ title starts at $29.95. You can also add a photo of the starring couple to either book’s cover in paperback or hardback for an additional charge. Shipping/handling in the U.S. is $7.

The fastest way to order is online at Order print books by Dec. 17 to guarantee Christmas delivery. Ebooks, which are delivered electronically usually within hours, can be ordered as late as Dec. 23.

The Magic Snow Globes really looks great with a photo added to the cover. To get an idea of what that looks like, go to and type in your house address. It will picture your house inside a snow globe. The site belongs to Draftfcb, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. It’s free and even better, Draftfcb makes a donation to the National Coalition for the Homeless every time someone uses it.

And as a Christmas gift to you readers, here’s a discount code – YNB15% – for 15% off any order placed on the site until December 27, 2012, at 11:59 PM, EST. During the online ordering process, when asked for your Promotional Code, type in YNB15% and 15% will be taken off. The Code may be used as often as you’d like and can be shared with friends, family and co-workers – put it on Twitter or your Facebook page if you’d like.

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