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Vampire Saga

You can star in Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales by Gail Gibbs

Amber writes a review of one of our book offerings: Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales, a personalized collection of vampire stories by Gail Gibbs where Vampires walk among us in a romantic paranormal adventures, complete with jealousy, intrigue and danger.

Here is part of what Amber wrote:

“ . . . I have always been into vampiric tales so I thought it would be pretty fascinating to have my husband and I in the actual plot. I loved being able to make it seem real with all of our personal details . . . .  The three tales in this book are very tantalizing and keep you on your feet. It is a great “true love always prevails’ story plot with plenty of the juicy story plots you would expect from a vampire novel. I will definitely be checking out more stories from in the near future and that says a lot because I am not to big on reading anything outside of bedtime stories to my toddler!”

Amber, that’s what romantic fiction is all about – just getting away from it all for a while. Glad you had a fun time in your new vampire friends

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Good luck.

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