features as ‘The leader in bringing your romantic fantasies to life

DatingAdviceGraphicWanted to share this fantastic interview on a really fun website,, which pegged us as “the leader in bringing your romantic fantasies to life.”

Writer Hayley Matthews did a fantastic job capturing what we do here at and our philosophy as the husband-wife co-founders who acted on a great idea more than two decades ago.

Here’s a little excerpt:

“Not only are the books sexy and fun to read, but Fletcher and Newbern, who have been married for more than 20 years but still feel like newlyweds, said they love it when couples use the novels to reconnect and work out any problems.

“In our lives, we get so busy — we’re working, we’re trying to make a living, we’re trying to feed the kids or get the car oil changed, so we often find ourselves not saying things to each other that we really should. I mean the very simple stuff like ‘I love you. I couldn’t go on without you,’” Fletcher said.

“The good part, though, as is with all good romance novels, is they all end in happily ever after — the lesson that you can have everything, you can have success, fame, riches, but if you don’t have love, then what do you really have? Love is what matters,” Newbern added.

True indeed.

Please read the entire article, then check out more of

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