Your turn to put mom in her own romance novel

Remember that children’s book you starred in as a kid? Now, repay Mom this Mother’s Day (May 10) with a romance novel starring her and her leading man.

We make it easy. Go online to and choose from more than 50 customized capers in all kinds of settings from beaches and cruises, to international destinations. Book settings include Rome, Tahiti, Alaska, African safari, the Outer Banks, Jamaica, Key West, New Orleans, Ireland, Paris, London’s River Thames, a dude ranch, a ski resort and much more.

Every book is not only customized with 25 details about Mom and her special someone, but comes in either huggy-kissy “mild” or sexy-steamy “wild.”

In addition to the starring couple’s names included widely throughout the book, other details featured (crafted from an online questionnaire) are:

Places of work
Eye and hair color
Best friends’ names
Favorite perfume and cologne
Favorite music and color
Affectionate nicknames they have for one another
How long they’ve been a couple.

Titles come in paperback or hardback, with the option of uploading the couple’s photo to add to the book’s cover. Or, as affordable ebooks, downloadable within hours of ordering.

Company founders Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher, who form the husband/wife writing team Fletcher Newbern, have been penning the novels since they met and fell in love in 1992. This marks their 23rd year in business, and together they’ve written 23 of the titles available.

“If your mom reads romance novels, putting her in one of our books is a no-brainer,” states J.S. Fletcher. Adds Newbern: “Sure, moms love flowers, perfume, and a great dinner out, but a novel starring her is a truly different, one-of-a-kind keepsake. And if she put you in one of those children’s books, she’ll be delighted that you’ve turned the tables.”

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