Pre-order our newest novel for Valentine’s gift giving

NCYcoverwebWe are thrilled to announce our newest release, New York: Some Like It Hot written by Madhavi Krevat, who also wrote A Ren Faire to Remember, which was released in 2013.

This new title is currently available for PRE-ORDER, meaning that the book is in its final edits and will be shipping when finished, in late January, guaranteed to be delivered before Valentine’s Day (which this year is Sunday, Feb. 14).

In this new book, our starring couple win a thrilling Marilyn Monroe-themed trip to The Big Apple, not realizing they’ll truly experience Marilyn’s New York. At a chic hotel in the heart of Manhattan, a fateful elevator ride lands them in the past face to face with a very familiar, blonde bombshell. They quickly find themselves running for their lives from mobsters straight out of a 1950s gangster movie.

Author Madhavi Krevat

Author Madhavi Krevat

To get home, they’ll have to help their famous, new friend keep a beautiful engagement ring away from the clutches of a ruthless crime boss. Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Will greed defeat even the truest heart? Or will love eventually win the day? Whether or not you’ve ever been to NYC, this book will take you there on an unforgettable ride.

And, for our blog readers, here’s a 10% discount off the new book: NYCHOT10%
Simply use the code in the Promotional Discount box when checking out online.

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