Throwback Thursday: Thanks to Wes Bennett, WDDD, for this fun Valentine’s 2017 interview

As we prepare for this coming Valentine’s season, it’s always a blast to remember and thank  some of the fun people we talked with last year. Today, appropriately, is Thursday, too, so a good time to throwback, ya’ll. Wes Bennett came to mind.

Wes is a star at WDDD radio in Illinois – or W3D, as it’s known. Like us, this country station has one l-o-n-g track record –  30+ years (beating our 25-year mark, but that’s OK). Also, Wes has a remarkable personal story of triumph, which we love! He’s a good, good guy.

Here’s a snippet of his online bio: “Wes comes from a military family that has served the United States with honor and distinction for generations. Wes also is a (terminal) student and teacher of the Martial Arts, having studied for many years with numerous exclusive teaching certifications. He has fought both amateur and professionally and was nominated for the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013 and 2014. Wes is also a professional photographer who’s been published in several magazines and websites both locally and internationally.”

You go, Wes.

So, without further ado, here’s Wes interviewing co-founder Kathy Newbern on air in 2017. Enjoy!




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