Customer raves over new full custom cover and quick service

We love it when our customers are thrilled with their books and with the quick service we provide, so we are sharing this comment from Shane (with permission). He happened to be among the first two people to order our brand-new service even before we announced it: You can now upload your photo to use as the full cover of your book on select titles.

We’ve long had the option of uploading a photo of the two of you that we add to the existing book’s cover, but many customers asked for the option of making their photo the entire cover of the book. Great idea, so we did, and just in time for Valentine’s gift giving!

Shane writes: “ATTENTION LOVERS!!! My baby got her Bday Present today (yes they seriously delivered it on a Sunday) and her beautiful ear to ear smile tells me she loves it😀😊😍 I promised the amazing couple who created this awesome business idea that I would make a post to share with my friends bc it’s so different and special for a gift I think. Especially for Valentines Day. Very cool… So worth every penny one-of-a-kind really neat. You answer some Questions about each other and they weave you into the story! hope I could help bringing a smile and a little love to someone’s relationship out there. It’s the little things…”

He follows up today with this added comment: ” I read the first chapter to her last night and she loved it. So cool. Great writing!”

Thanks, Shane, and Happy Birthday to your special lady!

Here are the list of books available with full custom cover (on either paperback or hardback and on ebook if that title comes as an ebook):

And here’s a sample of plain cover, cover with your photo added and full custom cover.

New for 2018: You can upload your photo as the full cover of your romance/adventure novel


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