Three detective novels await starring couples ready for some action

Looking for a truly unusual Valentine’s gift? Check out Among the many selections are these three titles from writer Geno Vincenzo where you and your sweetheart are detectives.

There’s plenty of saucy fun and bammo-whammo action in each of these detective novels you and your honey can star in together.

Set in wintry Detroit, Time Share Affair has you, the owners of the Gal and Guy Private Eye Agency, celebrating the successful conclusion of  a bizarre divorce case. Next stop: A well-deserved, romantic week at a Florida time-share resort. However, a trio of numb-skulled nemeses will stop at nothing to garner revenge for a past encounter with the detective duo.

We guarantee you’ll never forget the rock’em, sock’em threesome who somehow keep trying their best to thwart you, the starring couple.

A Reunion to Die is set at a class reunion in a cold climate. Here’s a little taste of the stars’ alone time before the bad guys need their attention (bold items are examples of how you’ll customize your copy):

The heady aroma of Tresor ignited John with new ardor. “Let me show you 100 percent.”
Her stare deep into his bedroom brown eyes challenged him: “Only a hundred?”
“Let me show you 200,” he quipped, drawing her even closer.
Ann ran her hand quickly down his back enjoying the feel of him. “Only 200 percent? I’m sure you’ve got 300 in you.”
“Oh, I got 300.” With that, he backed her quickly, laughing, toward the bed.
“Don’t stop,” Ann ordered. “I like this game.”
“Me, too, Honey.”
She grabbed him and with each new movement of her hands and lips counted off: “600… 700… 800… 900…. OK, 1,000 percent.”
“Forget the math,” John finally said.
Ann laughed in agreement.
They were quickly entwined, kissing with relief and passion signifying not only their love but the end of a hard day.

While each book stands alone in terms of following the plot, first in the series is Missed Tryst where all our  dynamic duo want is a romantic tryst at the Mystic Hotel in the metropolis of Capital City.

Will they prevail and check in without mishap? Button up your trench coat and get busy finding out. Spy on, ya’ll.

Here’s a quick link to all three; tell your friends; Valentine’s orders should be placed by Feb. 7:

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