Seek the great wizard Merlin or help Marilyn Monroe out of a jam

Need a break from the everyday for this Valentine’s Day or any other time? Go to and find your adventure in another time and another place with two enticing tales by Madhavi Krevat.

You and your sweetheart will find an adventurous quest in search of the great wizard Merlin or flee from dangerous mobsters in old New York with Marilyn Monroe, who may not make it out alive without your help. And one cool hipster dude might just lending a helping hand.

Starting at a Renaissance Faire in merry, old England, A Ren Faire to Remember will whisk you away to Medieval England straight into the court of King Arthur himself who will ask you to embark on a quest to save his old friend, the wizard, Merlin. On the way, you will be thwarted again and again by Arthur’s sister, Morgana. Will you be successful and save Merlin so you can get home? Or will Morgana be victorious?

Use your own photo to become the entire book cover on 15 select novels

With non-stop action, romantic settings and even a fire-breathing dragon to vanquish, you won’t want to miss the action. has long had the option of uploading a photo of the two of you that’s added to the existing book’s cover, but many customers asked for the option of making their photo the entire cover of the book. Great idea, so they made it happen, and just in time for Valentine’s gift giving! (Example at left)

Another creation from the imagination of author Krevat,  New York: Some Like It Hot, has you and your sweetie enjoying a thrilling trip to New York City.

You’ll suddenly come to face-to-face with long-time pop icon Marilyn Monroe, but things don’t stay tame after that. You’ll find yourself back in the 1950s with the sexy bombshell who’s being chased by mobsters working for a ruthless crime boss. Their aim?  Marilyn’s beautiful engagement ring. If you get a little help from Elvis Presley himself, will diamonds still be a girl’s best friend? And, will love win out over greed?

Find out in either of these exciting tales personalized with more than two dozen details about the two of you. Order by Feb. 7 for Valentine’s delivery in the U.S.

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