High Seas Romance by Jennifer Price

High Seas Romance by Jennifer Price

High Seas Romance is now available as a paperback, hardback and  eBook, a continuation of providing innovative and creative additions to our product line.

It’s a personalized historical novel set during the turn of the century – the 19th century that is – and England and France are locked in a struggle that plays out over both land and sea.

Our hero is a brave and dashing captain in the British Royal Navy who must go wherever duty takes him. His true love seeks a way to avoid being left behind, and in doing so faces many challenges.

What follows is a swashbuckling adventure featuring exotic ports-of- call perfect for romance and a glimpse into a time where seemingly simple choices meant the difference between life and death.

Will our couple succumb to perils natural or manmade? Or will their love shelter them from the storm?

It’s now available as a paperback, hardback, and eBook by YourNovel.com.

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