Third vampire eBook on sale

© 2010
If you love all those vampire books and movies, you’re in luck as author Gail Gibbs has penned her third vampire eBook in her series for YourNovel. This one’s called “Blood Starved.” Gibbs has also written “Vampire Rhapsody” and “Fresh Blood.”

In “Blood Starved,” our starring couple are summoned to a Rocky Mountain hideaway where a convention of vampires takes them further into the world of blood lust and superhuman powers. Again they fall under the safeguard of their friends, the Duvalls, a pair of vampires who have seen centuries of creation and destruction. On this adventure, our couple find themselves embroiled in unexpected circumstances that require guile, courage, trust, and ultimately love to see them through.

“Blood Starved” is on sale for $19.95, while “Fresh Blood” and “Vampire Rhapsody” can be ordered at a the great combo for $24.95. Remember: eBooks are not bound or printed, but are delivered electronically, usually within 24 hours.

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