Emma B. at Cheapskate4Life got a book for her mom

Many thanks to the Cheapskate4Life blog for the recent review of YourNovel.com.

Go to the website now to read it:  Click here.

Blogger Emma B. writes: “I decided to personalize a novel (she chose High Seas Romance) with my parents playing the starring roles, as a fun gift for my mom for Christmas. Although these novels are romantic in nature, YourNovel.com allows you to choose “mild” or “wild” content, so I was able to choose the “mild” version since this is for my parents and…well, I felt that would be more appropriate!”

She goes on to say, “. . . “(I had to) provide information about the leading couple – For example, for the heroine’s best friend, I entered my own name…because after all, I’m pretty sure I’m one of my mom’s best friends!”

She finishes up saying, “The novel turned out really great and is a well-written, adventurous love story. I’m really excited to give this book to my mom in a couple days, I think she will love being the leading lady in her own personal novel! . . .  YourNovel.com is such a cool idea and the books are high-quality, classy novels.”

Thanks, Emma B. Let us know how your mom likes her “high-seas adventure!”

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