Meet one of the authors of “Celebrating Romance 2”: Jamie Loafman

You’ve read here before about Jamie Loafman, when we first announced our contest winners, because she was our first-prize winner. Congrats, Jamie. We are so proud of her, and all 10 writers whose work constitutes our newest book. And, it was so nice that we actually got to meet Jamie in person because it turns out she lives just 20 minutes from us. Interesting coincidence since the other winners are from all over the U.S., and two come from Canada.

Please meet Jamie, who was born and grew up in Clemmons, NC, but currently lives in Garner, NC. She is the mother of “two precious boys” and has been married to hubby Robert for almost 14 years – their anniversary is Valentine’s Day, which shows her proclivity for romance. (Fletcher, by the way, proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, so Jamie, we all have that in common. Love it! And Happy Anniversary.)

Jamie earned her B.A. in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and worked as a customer service/sales representative at Pepsi for seven years before her first child was born. She has also dabbled in counseling, photography, sales, and worked as a nanny.

She entered the writing contest because “it’s something I love to do anyway. I saw it as a great opportunity to see if my writing was up to par to someone besides family and friends.” Her husband, Robert, encouraged her to enter the contest. “He would not leave me alone until he was assured that I sent my story in.”

Jamie’s story, “Piece of Paradise,” takes place in Jamaica where she and her husband honeymooned. “I chose this as my setting because it still sticks out in my mind as one of the most romantic places I have ever visited.” The story is about “a couple who visit a resort in Jamaica in search of some time together, but find unsought attention and a test to their relationship.”

Jamie thought the story “would be easy to write, but it was a real challenge.” She says of wanting to be an author, “It’s been a hobby that’s close to my heart for as long as I can remember.”

We happen to know Jamie has some other novels and stories brewing. Maybe if we all ask her pretty-please, she’ll agree to write a full-length novel for that you can star in wild, or mild.

Is that applause, I hear?

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