This customer has high praise for ‘Love’s Bounty’ and

To all of you at YourNovel,

To say that I’m pleased would be an understatement. From ordering to reading this has been one of the best on line experiences I’ve ever had. Firstly, I ordered the Saturday before Valentine’s Day and it arrived on the 15th, which was OK as it was intended to be a surprise for my wife. Honestly, from production to mailbox, I didn’t expect it that fast.

Secondly, I am living in Missouri now but am originally from The Outer Banks, Point Harbor to be exact, so when I saw Love’s Bounty: An Outer Banks Romance, I was beside myself because I know every inch of that island. My wife hasn’t ever been there so it was exciting for her as well. When it came in the mail I opened it right away and started to preview it, to make sure the info provided was accurate, but found myself half-way through the book before I knew it. LOL. IT’S HOT!

Thirdly, thank you thank you, and thank you. Truth be told my wife and I have an exceptional marriage of 20 years and never have put much into the “commercial” side of Valentine’s Day. However, hehehe, this year I heard about you and thought “oh yea”, this is different. If I haven’t made myself clear, THANK YOU!

Ever So Happily Yours,

P.S. If this doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will. I asked my wife if she took the book to work for a little “light reading” at lunch. Her response? “Hell no, I’m reading that in bed…..just in case!”  🙂 Peace and God’s blessings on you all.

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