Countdown to V-Day (21 days): A steamy suggestion

You know, by now, that most of our customers go for the “wild” version when starring in one of our personalized romance novels. Go for it, especially with Valentine’s coming, and when the book’s just for the two of you, have some fun with it!

So, to answer the question, is one of your books “wilder” than the others, it’s a matter of preference, of course, but here’s one suggestion. In Sea Double: A  Cruise Romance, the starring female happens to look just like a rock star in need of time off. So you switch places with her on a luxury cruise ship, and your honey comes along as your bodyguard.

One of the ports-of-call in this novel is St. Martin, and you visit the nude beach… Another scene, you are getting a massage in the ship’s spa when your real-life sweetie,  your “bodyguard” on the cruise, slips in to secretly trade places with the masseuse.

Here’s a peek (we used our details in red; imagine yours there):

Kathy reached behind her to pull the sheet down to cover her thigh when one of the strong hands caught hers. She shuddered at what might be happening, and turned to protest. At that instant, she saw Fletcher’s broad smile.

He lifted his finger to his lips to suggest she remain absolutely quiet. With that, he gently pushed her head back down and slid his fingers over her eyes, in a gesture to close them.

“Oh, you,” she could not help but say.

“Oh, you,” he replied and ran his warm hands over her legs. “Now I again suggest you just relax, just relax and enjoy. I’ve been wanting to try this massage thing out.”

“Umm,” she uttered as Fletcher’s hands slid up her leg, then, “Ohhh, my,” as they continued much further.

“Quiet please,” he again suggested. “Please let a master do his work.”

Kathy happily obeyed.

Fletcher folded the sheet back up over her and returned his hands to her skin. He continued his massage, this time taking his hands everywhere she wanted them.

Kathy moaned in finally being freed to enjoy the pleasure of seeing her fantasy become reality….

Well, you get the idea.

And, if you order now at, there’s still plenty of time to receive Sea Double: A  Cruise Romance, or any of our other 40-some novels and eBooks, before the big Day of Love. Happy reading.

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