Countdown to V-Day (19 days): Get frisky on the ski slopes

Cold Feet, Warm Heart offers plenty of hot-blooded action for you to star in with your ski bunny this Valentine’s. It’s one of the earlier books Fletcher and I wrote together, and I still love it.

While we have fun talking about the books coming in wild and mild flavors in terms of the romantic interludes, it’s also nice sometimes to read the parts where the starring couple are just saying sweet, reassuring things to each other.

That’s how I felt today, rereading this short scene, which makes me smile (our details are in red; imagine your details there as the stars of this book):

“Just a minute,” Fletcher went on. “I want to tell you something.” He slid his way toward her and without waiting for her to comment said, “You know, I got a little out of line today.”

Kathy took the mood as serious. “Oh, when?”

“You probably didn’t notice, because it was on the ski lift, when I was alone.”

She raised her eyebrow.

“I, ah, well, I got kind of jealous, you being with him and me being all alone and everything.”

She reached her gloved hand out and touched his face. Sometimes he was just so sweet.

“Oh, Honey, jealous?”

He blushed. “Yeah, a little. He’s a big ski star and all. I wanted to be with you, riding up to our adventure, sharing the moment. I felt left out of it.”

Honey, you were there with me. We, Auri and I, well I talked about you. He bragged about himself.”

“But you laughed. I heard you guys.”

He warmed her heart so much sometimes Kathy hardly needed clothes to keep warm. “Silly boy, I was just being polite. You were with me all the ride up. I even told Auri how much you love life and its natural beauty. Of course, he turned everything back to him. But you were with me all along. You’re my buddy. I’m with you. Always.”

Fletcher pursed his lips and nodded before he said, “That’s what I kind of figured out. That’s why I got over it and had such a great time, because I know we are together.”

Kathy pulled Fletcher as close as she could considering the layers that separated them. “I would have rather ridden up with you,” she stated, then kissed him on his chilled lips.

Hearing that made Fletcher warm all over, and he could feel the heat coming out through his kiss. “Oh, Kathy, I love you so much.”

“I know,” she smiled, “and I love you, too. Now, while we can still see, let’s get down this slope.”

“I’m right behind you….”

There’s still plenty of time to star in this ski adventure in time for Valentine’s gift giving. And, yes if you get the wild version, there’s plenty of frisky, too!

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