Valentine’s Shipping Update: (Feb. 9 at 10 p.m.)

There is still time to get Valentine’s delivery on some novels, but only on these select items: Plain paperbacks are still available for U.S. delivery with US Express shipping only (see 2 Valentine’s Shipping Specials), and eBooks are deliverable through Feb. 14th electronically as PDFs.

All hardback books and paperback books with photo added cannot be delivered by Valentine’s Day. Neither can Out-of-Country orders (anything not shipping to a U.S.A. address).

See our 2 Valentine’s Shipping Specials in this Blog for details on ordering a bound hardback novel for delivery after Valentine’s Day and get a free eBook in time for Valentine’s delivery to an email address. Also, we’re upgrading plain paperback books to express shipping (you still pay regular shipping) for orders received by Fri., Feb. 11, 2011, 2 p.m. EST – only if you follow the instructions in the 2 Valentine’s Shipping Specials.

Please keep in mind that we are year-round, and our books are great gifts for all occasions. Thanks, as always, for your support.

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Your Carolina, WSPA-TV, had fun with

Kathy had a super fun time with Jack and Kimberly, hosts of Your Carolina on WSPA-TV, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC.

Click here to see the segment.

This show about the Carolinas tapes daily in Greenville, SC, at Michelin on Main, the Michelin Store. The only other one is in Paris, by the way. Yes, impressive.

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High Seas Romance by Jennifer Price

High Seas Romance by Jennifer Price

High Seas Romance is now available as a paperback, hardback and  eBook, a continuation of providing innovative and creative additions to our product line.

It’s a personalized historical novel set during the turn of the century – the 19th century that is – and England and France are locked in a struggle that plays out over both land and sea.

Our hero is a brave and dashing captain in the British Royal Navy who must go wherever duty takes him. His true love seeks a way to avoid being left behind, and in doing so faces many challenges.

What follows is a swashbuckling adventure featuring exotic ports-of- call perfect for romance and a glimpse into a time where seemingly simple choices meant the difference between life and death.

Will our couple succumb to perils natural or manmade? Or will their love shelter them from the storm?

It’s now available as a paperback, hardback, and eBook by

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Valentine’s Shipping: Update (Feb. 8 at 6 p.m.)

Orders are going out smoothly. The printers work very hard to get the books out in a timely fashion, as they always do, but have beefed up production to meet the Val Day rush. We are looking very good for Valentine’s deliveries.

In fact, our hardback printer just extended the deadline one day, until noon EST on Thursday. Paperbacks with photo added are good until 2 pm tomorrow, Feb 9. Plain paperbacks are solid until noon on the 10th.

Sadly, however, as of this evening, we will not be able to accept any more Out of Country orders (like to Canada) for Val Day delivery unless they are plain paperback with Overnight Service.

All that said, everyone has to keep in mind that weather can sometimes interfere with delivery, and that always has to be taken into account.

Guarantees – we must say that all looks good, but only Express Orders are guaranteed.

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Valentine’s Shipping: Update (Feb. 8)

News as of Feb. 8: Today at noon is the printers’ deadline for shipping via Priority Mail. But you can still get your novels with Express Shipping, and of course, eBooks will be delivered through Feb. 14.

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Away on the Range now in eBook, too

Order in ebook, hardback or paperback

OK, cowgirls & cowboys, giddyup and get your romance on – wild on mild.

Our novel, Away on the Range, is now available in eBook form as well as the traditional paperback and hardback varieties. This means — yes, you little cowpokes, you can get it for Valentine’s.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Cupid.

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Valentine’s Shipping: Still time (Feb. 5)

Our 2011 best seller so far

News as of Feb. 7: Just checked with our printers, and they are in good shape for getting books out for delivery by Valentine’s Day That’s for both paperbacks and hardbacks, but for anyone who wants a book to arrive by February 14, get your orders in by noon on Monday, February 7.

We will keep you updated here as to any changes.

Our best seller so far this year is Another Day in Paradise, but there are 27 others to chose from with over a dozen eBooks, which are delivered electronically within 24 hours.

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Hey Ya’ll: A Chat with Tumbleweed Toni & Trailboss Troy

Fletcher had a blast on KTEX in College Station, Texas, on air with Tumbleweed Toni and Trailboss Troy, pictured here, on the Morning Express. Listen in (2 parts).

your novel part 1

YourNovel on air, part 2

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Duji giving away her novel!

Fans listening to Duji and team on WMMS, Cleveland, had the astounding opportunity – some would say shockingly funny chance – today to win the copy of African Safari: Wild Life, Wild Love starring her and Jeffrey, the hunk in the flight suit… listen in (a little wild but hilarious)


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Check out the Wicked Deal

Hurry! Some lucky few will snag this wicked deal through 94 HJY. Rock on with the savings – half off a $50 gift card (did I mention, Wow) for anything at .

Quantities are limited; good luck!

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Duji’s getting personal

Cleveland radio personality Duji of WMMS is getting personal about starring in a book. First, it was on the cover of the new African Safari book. Yes, that hunk of hers is peeling off his flight suit. Oh My.

Then, on her radio spot – she’s promising, well (blush) listen in:  Duji_Your Novel 1

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Love to save? You can win a free novel

Hey, who doesn’t like to save money? If you agree, then check out A Frugal Life, and right now, they are giving away one of our personalized romance novels. Free? It doesn’t get any more frugal than that! Good luck.

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New book marks our 25th anniversary year

This marks of our 25th anniversary here at What a ride it’s been! To celebrate, we’re offering readers the the ride of their lives — to 150 years in the past — in our newest title ready to be personalized for you and your sweetie.

WildWestFrontWEBNew to our line-up is Wild West Love Fest by Thomas Marcy, now available on our website, with an Old West town and characters right out of central casting.

And for reading this, here’s a special code for 10% off. At online checkout, simply use the promotional discount code YNBlog10% – which you can share with friends and across social media.

Stay tuned for more about our silver anniversary here at and founders J.S. Fletcher and Kathy M. Newbern, aka Fletcher Newbern, and how a quick quip led them to create the genre of personalized romance novels any couple can star in.

ValSpecialMeanwhile, peruse some of our other products like our Little Lovey Duckies, our Love Bears and a bound set of 52, fully customizable “Love Notes” printed on one side and open for your creative musings on the other. Simply detach and share with that special someone every week in the coming year. Now that’s spreading the love.

The best is is our Lover’s Special Package that includes bears, duckies and Love Notes for only $15 plus plus free shipping. Supplies are limited and only available for U.S. shipping.







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Be a Veteran’s Valentine

We love this! Our local library is sponsoring Valentine making sessions all this week, and the cards will be sent to area vets. Check and see if your library is doing the same thing.  What a great way to send a little love to such a deserving group of people.

Here’s the link for the national program:

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My Carolina Today hosts Valonda and Sharon chat with Kathy of about how the concept of personalized romance novels came about — yes, it’s part of Kathy & Fletcher’s real-life love story — and about how these books are a fun, unique gift for Valentine’s Day. The ladies will actually be getting their own “wild” or “mild” romance novels starring them and their hunky heroes, so check back . . .

Kathy poses with Valonda and Sharon, hosts of My Carolina Today

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Kathy had a blast on her return visit to The Daily Buzz TV show. The hosts always have fun with the idea of starring together in your own romance novel by acting out a little section from one of the 30+ titles. This time, the action came from “Sea Double: A Cruise Romance” and “Negril Everlasting: A Couples Resort Romance.”

Check out the hilarious video clip on our Facebook Page, and become a fan while you’re there. Contests coming soon!

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Love the Twilight books? Now star in your own Vampire adventure

Our writer Gail Gibbs has penned three different novellas for us, all with a vampire theme. Now for the first time, they are combined in our first personalized vampire book that you and your blood-thirsty honey can star in: “Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales.”

Vampires walk among us in this trilogy of romantic paranormal adventures, complete with jealousy, intrigue and danger.

You, as the  starring couple must learn to cope with the hidden world of vampires when you encounter a couple whose fiery love has spanned the centuries.

Set among the wild and majestic Rocky Mountains, you find yourselves drawn into a world of blood lust and supernatural powers and discover that associating with vampires can be both exciting and deadly.

Passion abounds, and not just among the vampires!

Love’s eternal power is put to the test as you  must draw on every ounce of you guile, courage and devotion to see yourselves through this adventure.

The Vampire Sage features this three short stories: “Vampire Rhapsody,” “Fresh Blood,” and “Blood Starved.”

And, don’t forget, Valentine’s quickly approacheth.

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New for 2011: Go on Safari

Our new book

Star in our newest book set on African Safari

We are thrilled! Just finished the cover of the new book for 2011 – hope you like it. “African Safari: Wild Life, Wild Love” is based on our own real-life, wild adventures on safari in southern Africa, booked through Abercrombie & Kent. We think you’ll love this new book. Tell all your friends. Special shout-out to our guide, Keennan Tholex, who provided the cover art of Alice the Leopard. Yes, we saw her. Here’s the direct link to view an excerpt and order the new book online; and don’t forget, it comes in paperback or hardback, in “wild” or “mild” and you can even add your photo to the cover. (Click here for examples.)

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YourNovel featured on Gizmodo

So cool: Gizmodo selected our personalized romance novels to feature in its holiday gift guide for “gifts for geeks and loved ones” called: Heartwarming Gifts For the Goofy Romantic.

Check it out.

Here’s what they had to say: Those trembling bodices and quivering loins aren’t limited to the Fabios of the world. Just give YourNovel your and your significant others’ names, 26 personal details, and choose from a few dozen themes that range from the exotic Rome: Diamonds, Danger and Desire to the sportier Sandhills Fore-Play. Every personalized book can come in “Mild” or “Wild” flavors, and for an extra $25 they’ll even throw your picture on the cover.

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Third vampire eBook on sale

© 2010
If you love all those vampire books and movies, you’re in luck as author Gail Gibbs has penned her third vampire eBook in her series for YourNovel. This one’s called “Blood Starved.” Gibbs has also written “Vampire Rhapsody” and “Fresh Blood.”

In “Blood Starved,” our starring couple are summoned to a Rocky Mountain hideaway where a convention of vampires takes them further into the world of blood lust and superhuman powers. Again they fall under the safeguard of their friends, the Duvalls, a pair of vampires who have seen centuries of creation and destruction. On this adventure, our couple find themselves embroiled in unexpected circumstances that require guile, courage, trust, and ultimately love to see them through.

“Blood Starved” is on sale for $19.95, while “Fresh Blood” and “Vampire Rhapsody” can be ordered at a the great combo for $24.95. Remember: eBooks are not bound or printed, but are delivered electronically, usually within 24 hours.

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